Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday: Passau-Cesky Krumlov

Surprise, surprise, this was another overcast drizzly day. This never bothered me because I was happy as long as it wasn't hot! We both had the right kind of clothes and shoes though we could have bought what we needed at Euro prices. Eeek!

I decided to stay in Passau and I'll tell you about that another day. Mr. R. did go to Cesky Krumlov,  the venture into the Czech Republic. Since these photos are all his, I will just show them to you without his comments.

This obviously was the entry into the city. That is certainly an interesting connection between the two buildings. I wonder if he remembers the story...

Our guides always tried to give us an orientation with a local map.  This one looks colorful.

Looks more like an aquaduct on the bottom, but again, I don't know.

Yes, these are just trees but I loved the look of the bare trees and yet there is still the vibrant green from the heavy moisture.

Another little building between buildings. Fascinating connection.

Days out definitely include a lot of walking. When the path goes uphill at least there is a downhill walk later...usually! 

 The trompe l'oeil on this building is interesting. It's actually a flat surface upon a closer look.

I don't know what was important about the stones in this jewelry. To me they really look like 'stones' not any kind of gems. (eta: I believe this jewelry may feature moldavite which is a rare gemstone believed to be formed as a result of meteor impact.)

Once into the town, it looks like it was a pretty quiet day. I was surprised that a lot of the old towns and cities seemed to be this quiet.  Are they only tourist sites???

Ah....there's a person who wasn't part of our group. So there are people who live/work/come into town. At least one.

With that one person, I'll say goodbye for today, and come back another time for the rest of his day in the Czech Republic.

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