Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project Life: Week 17

Somehow, I am having a hard time getting the Project Life pages done in the following week. I think that's due to the various times I'm out of the house doing some form of exercise. When I get home from aerobics or Tai Chi, I'm either exhausted or mellowed out. While I certainly do feel better, other than my right knee, I definitely do not feel like doing much more for an hour or two.  Who are these people who feel energized after sweat dripping exercise??? Not me for sure. At least our weekends have included some fun things lately, but once again, I've been out of the house a lot. No big deal but just something I'm noticing.

In any case, I did get week 17 done last night. Not like it's very far behind at all. And this week I can get onto week 18 ...while I still remember what I did!

If we have some heavy rain this week, I can get back to some of my River Cruise postings. Otherwise, it will be garden work for me. I pray for rain!

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Photocat said...

Your week seems to have the right amount of everything. Love the old tea kettle and the story about the curb and letting the bus go. What a wonderful memory that is.

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