Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just Under The Wire

I finally finished my Italy 2012 trip pages yesterday! The last day in Italy was May 23 2012. Whew!!!! I'm not sure if these pages are going into my PL album for 2012 or into a photo book. I think my dh would like a photo book, but that always takes so many decisions...what company, what size, do I want that expense....etc etc

While I ponder these decisions, I'll share the final page.  I was ready to come home after two weeks but it's always hard to leave Italy...arrividerci. Sniff, sniff.

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Photocat said...

Spring fresh layout. Love the blue, it makes a good background for the color photographs. I personally work with MyPublisher for books. One counter point: their price indeed. And the high shipping price. If you get a small book you pay more for shipping then for the book itself. But they print really good, with nice and rich blacks.

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