Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just Don't Have the Wall for It

This ad caught my eye a few weeks ago, and when it was in our weekend paper again, I took a pic of it. We do have an old house, old like early last century! It's over 100 yrs old now and the rooms are small, designed for life as it was then.

Whenever I find a wall that will handle a 73" tv, I'll think about it! But right now, I'm content with my 'old' 40" screen. Even that is a bit big for our tiny living room where, really, only I watch my movies. Or maybe we need a new house? ya think?

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Photocat said...

Insane... I am European and we believe in small televisions. I almost divorced my husband (so to speak) when he came home with a HUGE 42... Still harping about it now and then. It's a very American thing to have a tv in a prominent spot in the room. As a European I hate that. ;o))))

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