Thursday, May 16, 2013

Haste Makes Regret

A great deal of my day was spent doing some reorganization of my digital supplies in Lightroom. I don't intend to do much more because I am soooo ready for Lightroom 5 and its ability to see .png files. If you're a digi scrapper, you know how many of our goodies are .pngs.

Why was I reorganizing? Well guess who deleted her digi catalog???  I am fast on the draw in emptying my Mac trashcan and sometimes when I get on a roll deleting things, I end up deleting something I don't want deleted. Haste makes regret. I thought that LR catalog was a copy. Sadly it wasn't. It was the original.

I did find it in my Time Machine backups but decided to move some things around in my actual digi stash and then create a new catalog with those digi supplies category by category. I have a very good folder system of organization of the actual files so it wasn't hard or time consuming to do that. I've found it's faster to move things around in Finder (before importing!) than in LR  plus I was ready to delete (eek!) some files in that stash. Yes, tastes change and as I see more and more of what I have, some can go. Let it go, let it go...

The very best thing about this is that all my tags/keywords previously attached to the individual supplies did come into the catalog with each digital element. Halleluiah!!!  Thank you Kayla Lamoreaux for starting me on this path. Keywording does take time, and today I did a lot more, mostly previews. The biggest job on the horizon is still keywording the previews of kits, with all the goodies that are in each kit.  God bless the designers whose previews are clear enough to determine what's actually in the kit. Will I ever be caught up?  I don't know nor do I care. Progress, not perfection.But I do love looking and searching for stuff in Lightroom and then dragging it directly into PSE.  Life is good on the digi front!

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Photocat said...

Ding dong! I once chucked my system folder away - truly... and on another occassion a folder with 60.000 photographs. Up to this day still not fully recovered about that one. It's very dangerous to chuck catalogs away. It's even harder to keep track in Aperture and iphoto because they work with databases. Lightroom is much more manageable and if you keep a rigid folder structure it does not need a lot of fiddling. Why do we learn the most from our mistakes?

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