Friday, May 3, 2013

Five on Friday: May 3, 2013

Random thoughts and random ideas. Clear out the mind on Friday.

1. I cut my aerobics class this am. We had a dinner 'party' last night and afterwards I couldn't get to sleep so I read til almost midnight. Perhaps it was all the good conversation that got me going.... But I decided to give myself a break this am, and do gardening this afternoon. I consider gardening almost a punishment...

2. Is it really May? I have a hard time writing that when it's still rather brisk in the morning. 47 degrees last night. Great for sleeping despite the pollen, but my little toes get cold in their sandals and keep asking for socks! Most days I've worn socks, but No! not with sandals.

3. I stopped going to one dermatologist because they were pushing so many chemical treatments. I only go to have periodic checks for skin cancer and so switched doctors. I still get the emails from the first doctor and the latest one was about their Juvederm day. I decided to see how much that cost...and holy toledo! ~$500+ per syringe.  Just the idea of 'per syringe' creeps me out, not to mention the cost. Thank you, I'll pass.

4. Going back to #2, my grandson is graduating from high school the June 1st weekend. I am trying to anticipate what to wear but just trying on summer clothes gets me cold.  Brrr...I'm also wondering if I could tolerate a bit of Spanx to 'hold it all together'! I'm also wondering if I'll get stuck in the dressing room if I go try a Spanx contraption and can't get in it or out of it!

no no no

5.  The windows of our house are seriously in need of cleaning. I've done the downstairs ones - on occasion - but rarely the upstairs ones. Our cleaning woman does do the downstairs windows but without a clean outside, it's almost for naught. I've never done the outside of the upstairs ones and wonder if people actually do clean them anymore. I've never seen any of my neighbors doing theirs nor have I seen a window washing service around. Ever. Strange... I remember years ago in England we had a man who came around weekly to wash the outside of the windows. I shall have to ask my one friend who is the Queen of all service people and can usually tell me about someone who does x, y or z.  But what DO most people do about their windows if they have two story houses?

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Photocat said...

O Lord, you do need a window cleaner. I have one coming every month. I hope I will find one in Las Cruces... Window cleaning poisons my brain. The window man does the outside windows every month, inside twice a year. Maybe I should make that 3 times a year from now on. Grin. If there are no window washers in Las Cruces I am staying in England.

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