Friday, May 24, 2013

Five on Friday - May 24, 2013

The cool weather finally ended and we have had some hot days, some humid days, and some almost hot and humid days. That's normal weather for us. Today is chilly and drizzly. There's just no telling.

1. Today is the USNA (United States Naval Academy) graduation. No Blue Angels this year due to budget cuts.  That's not like cutting food programs for children, but it's still sad for us who live here as well as the Mids who are graduating.

2. I'm feeling that my stamina in the aerobics classes has reached a good level. I don't feel the need or much of the desire to quit before the hour is up. More hair washing but I can cope with that.

3. My dh went off to VA to bicycle this week, and came home via Baltimore (almost) to avoid the heavy DC traffic. The payoff? two crab cake dinners for us from G & M Restaurant.  Those crab cakes are the best!

4. I'm still reading as much as usual but not finding books I really like that well. I think my most recent batches at the book sales have included a few duds. It all balances out in the end.

5. Those dud books led me to check for new tv shows on HBO or Netflix.  I like having an episode or two to watch in the evening on my iPad. I just found HBO's Family Tree and like it quite a bit. Chris O'Dowd is a delight to watch - and I've enjoyed him in "The IT Crowd."  Watch these if you can.

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