Friday, May 17, 2013

Five on Friday: May 17, 2013

Summer seems to be here...blessedly she has arrived gently. The winds have died down and we look forward to temperatures in the 80s.  High enough that dh and I have to turn the a/c on in our offices but otherwise just right for this time of year.

1. Last night I attended a donor thank you event at the Maryland Food Bank. The statistics on hunger in MD, a rather affluent state, are dismaying. I've decided that I need more volunteer time out of the house so I'll start doing some work at their site in June, not just donate money. It's a huge warehouse with a whole lot of food coming in and going out just as fast. There's still not enough.  :(

2. My dh is still sick. There appears to be a serious cough going round and I am hearing it in our house.  Men are not good patients in my experience. 'nuff said.

3. My Senior Center is having a Yard Sale so I have been gathering up odds and ends to take in. The deadline is May 15. Sadly, for some reason I thought the 15th was today, Friday.  I ought to check the calendar more often.

4. There hasn't been much cooking chez nous lately, but this afternoon I'm going to start a pot of posole. Maybe for us and maybe for a 'boys night in' dinner next week. If I decide on the latter, I'll have to do it in stages since those cold nights of putting a soup pot outside are long gone.  I may even freeze the pork/broth and add the veggies and posole later. Not a world shattering decision but ...

5.  Five for 5 days and counting.  May 22 is a big day for our family. More next week.

Have a great weekend!

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