Friday, May 10, 2013

Five on Friday: May 10, 2013

1.Summer is kind of here. The temperature is supposed to go up to 83 degrees but as it's not very humid, it feels just great now. Last night's low was 56 so the sleeping weather is still just wonderful.

2. I often skip my aerobics class on Fridays...just cause...but today I went and we have another dynamo teacher! Lots of Latin dance moves along with Arab music and some oh so sensual Brazilian. Let's just say those hips got a workout. She also had us doing a lot of arm movements as well as chest ones. She said with practice 'those twins' could be back up. I'm a bit dubious about that but we'll see!

3. I have finally found something that works for a pre-workout breakfast. Either one hard boiled egg or a glass of Naked Juice. My husband says that Green Machine looks awful but I'd say my only complaint is that it's a bit too sweet for me. I might never have bought it had my grandson not shared some with me.
4. Saying that summer is here also reminds me not to leave clothes in the washer even for a day.  I can get away with that in the winter but I learned my lesson last week when I put a load in the dryer a day later and they still smelled....yuck.  If you do forget to dry a batch and have that sour smell, they must be dried in the machine or, better yet, outside before you wash them again. I've not found a way round this, sad to say.

5. Want free books for your iPad or Kindle? Well you can get some at Pixel of Ink. You can sign up for a daily email that lists the one or two books that you can snag for free. Are they great books? Uh...what do you think! But to have a couple of books that are readable on your tablet is great for travel or sitting in the car etc etc.  Check it out!

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Photocat said...

Guilty too of leaving laundry in the machine... I know exactly what smell you are talking about. I do wash them again too. Only thing that works in damp England. Brave soul to go for workouts. I'd better take a few too in Harrogate, my belly needs it...

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