Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dirty Nails Day

A relatively quiet Thursday. There were a few places I was scheduled to go today but my 1pm meeting was cancelled. Yea!   A  lot got done on the computer in the morning because I knew that I wouldn't have to stop mid day and leave the house. That's a nice feeling when I feel I want to get some things done without a deadline over me. I am not one of those people who likes deadlines though when I was working, I could certainly work with them. But I mean I would start a project as soon as I got it and not wait til the 11th hour.  I could prioritize what needed more attention and not just work on something because I just got the assignment.  I do not like the adrenaline rush of waiting til the last minute on things. At all! My heart thanks me for that aversion.

So lunch was over, the sun was shining, and it wasn't hot.  A perfect time to get out in the yard and pot up/plant a batch of the annuals I bought last weekend. We've had so much wind lately that I worried they'd dry out...before I got in the mood. My interest in gardening has waned as I've aged so this wasn't a project I was jonesing to do. However, we've had a goodly amount of rain since I bought those plants and they were in perfect shape to plant.

old pots needing new flowers

But that meeting I was going to that got cancelled? Well, it was quite near a K-Mart and I'd planned to buy a couple pairs of cheap gardening gloves. Gloves just good enough to keep my nails fairly clean. I used to always drag my nails over a bar of soap before gardening but bars of soap are rare in our house. (I need to keep one of those mini hotel soap bars downstairs for just this kind of occasion.) So out I went, without gloves as my true gardening gloves are too think for transplanting those petunias with their flimsy roots.  Two scrubs later, my nails are getting back to normal and my hands are getting quite dried out.

But now that I remember the soap trick, I hope the next round of planting keeps me a bit cleaner.  That 2nd meeting? Fortunately, not so important so I'm taking a bye tonight. Gardeners need more than Happy Hour food and truthfully, I really don't ever need Happy Hour food, nor do I often like Happy Hour food. Tonight will be healthy and I'll be happy. Just a couple more nail scubs and I'll be clean again.

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Photocat said...

Great little post about a little life, totally grounded in good things, like a bit of earth. The simpliest of things - putting bulbs in the ground - can make the day!

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