Monday, May 13, 2013

AAM Monday - The Boy Nailed It

During my many years living abroad, I (we) had servants. Gardeners, cooks, that sort of things, and when it was deemed necessary, a guard to watch our home.  It was the norm for most westerners in those countries. I appreciated it because it wasn't the way I grew up. Both my parents worked, though my mother really was the breadwinner and she struggled to let us live a life that was middle class. Just.  It was only in looking back that I see how hard she worked to make me have things I thought I needed. I knew not to ask for much, but I still asked.

Fast forward to those years with a cook. In Thailand in particular, we had a wonderful maid-cook, Somchit. She loved catering to my then husband and my two blond boys. Fresh seafood was a given in that country and often when my husband and I would go out, I would suggest shrimp for the children's dinner. Easy for her to do and simple. Other times when I would cook, and I did, I might make more elaborate meals mostly because I had someone to do the cleanup. What a joy that was! But in time my middle child asserted himself and  said what later became a family standard. "Gourmet crap again?"

That little blond boy is now a chef for the Fairmont chain of hotels. He has gone from cooking at the late Deli Haus in Boston, while at Berklee, to working on fishing boats in Alaska to got it! Gourmet Crap! 

Mother's day is always a hectic day no matter what hotel he's at, and this year he is in Southern California.  His Mother's Day greeting via Facebook had both me and my husband burst out laughing. He nailed the perfect image!

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