Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still Smiling About This

I'm not usually a gullible person. I'm pretty much hip to the ways of devious people but...This year on April 1st,  I was fooled. I blame it on a strong sense of geekiness. If there's a new i-something, I want it. If a software updates, I'm ready. I may not buy right away, but I want To Know!

I'm keeping this image from the email that got me. I've thought about it several times this month and get a good giggle out of it. A good laugh at myself for being so ready for the next techy toy.

Next year, I hope to be aware of April 1st.  Not just that the month of March is over, but that I should take such emails with a grain of salt.  Fool Me Once...

1 comment:

Photocat said...

Very recognizable... Grin. I love I-thingies too... We have a lot in common...

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