Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lightroom 5 - I'm yours!

I have downloaded the beta version of Lightroom 5 even tho I'm really just learning LR4. However, the main reason I bought Lightroom was to organize and tag my digital supplies. I've loved how that works, even though it does take time. There is nothing like being able to do a search for this or that kind of thing and have the options come up lickety-split.

Well today I learned that LR5 imports and sees .pngs! Hallejuliah! My next step in May or June was to do a trial of Photoshop and spend that month converting .pngs to .tiffs. Not a fun option. But testing out the importing of those .pngs into LR yesterday sold me. It was so fast I couldn't believe it. Now I don't have to fiddle with Photoshop and be under the gun while trying to get all my supplies done in the trial period. I've been really happy with PSE so Photoshop isn't in my future. Probably.

That Lightroom import? Seeing is believing. These are just a few of my recent purchases and WOW!! How sweet it is.

If I continue to take exercise classes at my Senior Center, I will remain eligible for the student price. A double win for me.  Oh, LR5 also does clever things with images, but that's in my future. This feature is what made me a believer.  Have you downloaded the Beta yet? Get it quick..HERE.

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Lynn Mercurio said...

Thanks for the link to the Lightroom 5 beta. I heard about it's release earlier this week, and am just as excited about the PNG files support as you are!

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