Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's Market Time plus More

Trying for an early start to the JFX Market in Baltimore. It's a 25 mile drive but I can stop at Costco and Walmart on the same trip. Yes, I come home beat but it's worth it and it's a fun shopping day. At least that's what I think before I go.

It's probably early for the pea man but he may have some other goodie. He is one of the people that gets a serious line, and well worth the time it is. btw, it's hard to shop AND take photos but I had to capture this man a few years ago.

Shellled peas Baltimore JFX Farmers' Market

I have been searching for the cheap mini blinds to replace some old ones. Darn if I can find the 3 sizes I have. Of course, three sets of windows that are the same size, have three different sizes of blinds.  The solution would be to get all of the windows the same size blind, remove the old hardware, fill in the holes, paint and start anew. That's why I'm off to Walmart to hope for the sizes I am now using.

My wonderful new cleaning women really really clean, and the one assistant scrubbed the shit out of them. With all the time in direct sun, I have one broken blade, at least, on one side of a blind on each set. So right now, the broken blinds vamoosed into the trash, and the remaining blind is pulled up. Period.  Thinking about a totally different solution to my windows wears my brain out. I may wait to ask my on friend who is a great decorator.

But the market and all its goodies calls.  I even have a red shopping cart to haul the loot back to my car. I am so set!

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