Friday, April 5, 2013

Five on Friday: April 5, 2013

It's been a bit of a hectic day in our home. The long awaited installation of the shelves to raise the washer and dryer is almost happening. Lots of noise chez nous. Drilling kind of noise.

1. Patience with workers in my home is not a given. I may have gratitude but I am short on patience. Just get it done and stop chattering.

2. Today was a pedicure day, going from deep blood red to a bright red. I was sorely tempted to consider a gel manicure. I really haven't had many manicures since my years in Thailand...the mid 70s...and I apparently have no ability to keep polish unchipped for more than a day or two nor to do it myself. But $32 for a two week guarantee? I think I may stick to the buffing cube.

3. My middle child is moving the week from AZ to CA. He is the son who thought he was fairly apolitical  til he moved to AZ. I'm so glad he's out of the place where they think it's a good idea to 'put the panic back in Hispanic.'  Dear God almighty. Do they ever wonder..WWJD?

4.  I was thinking this week of an old practice that my mother taught me. If you still use bars of soap, buy a couple when on sale, and take them out of the wrapper. Put the bars in a drawer of clothes to scent or out in the open in a basket in the bathroom, but more importantly, to dry out. A month or two is good but even longer is better. Dried out, a bar of soap lasts a long time  If you have children using bars of soap you'll know how fast one can get used up. Dry your soap out and watch it last longer.

5. The vivid yellow of forsythia and daffodils looks so very good in my yard. It could look a lot better if the beds were weeded and mulched but I'll take what I have and enjoy the color contrast as it is.

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