Friday, April 26, 2013

Five on Friday - April 26, 2013

I don't know what has been going on this week but it's been a full week and I somehow feel as if I don't have as much to show for it as I 'should' have. <--- Always a bad way to look at things, I know. So, let's see what I have as my five.  A  couple of firsts.

1. Today was the first day I ate lunch outside. (That means I did get the glass topped table cleared off, cleaned and ready for a sit down.) A very good lunch too - a turkey bacon blt, with spinach instead of lettuce on a whole wheat English muffin. Unfortunately, the wind picked up and it got a bit brisk when I wasn't in the sun. Sit in the sun and stay warm or sit in the shade and read?  I went inside.

2. Today was the first day I made sun tea. Ok, tried to make sun tea. It's a weak brew but it's tea. I can live with that for a few days.

3. Today was the first day I wore my Skechers to aerobics. Not the best idea. That dot in the sole is great for some of the Zumba type dance moves or Tai Chi, but the shoes didn't give me enough support. I now have an achy knee and damn sore glutes from a lot of hip work. It will be an Aleve kinda night.

4. Today I finally, finally took a load of winter clothes and bedding to my fave charity shop, The Lutheran Mission. My bedroom closet feels free! plus I got a 20cent Saveur magazine to read at lunch.

5. Today I went to the Amish Market, and a grocery store.  My kitchen was a total mess for a long time as I had  food to put away, food to cook and a lot of bits and pieces involved in the processes. I had a hard time believing the chaos would ever end by mid afternoon. This evening, it's livable.  There is also a big pot of posole half done.

I now believe it's time for ice cream. Was your Friday busy one too?

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