Monday, April 1, 2013

AAM Monday - Tis The Season

No, not the Christmas season. The season to think spring in the house. I've never been one to do a serious spring clean, but it's this time that makes me want to open the windows, air the house out BEFORE the heavy pollen hits. It's also time to change the winter bedding for lighter versions. If we still get a cold snap, tho by April it's unlikely, we have a heated mattress pad that can change any night weather into cozy. Light colored kitchen towels replace the winter reds.  Little changes that imply bigger changes, internal changes.

I would love to get serious about renovating the upstairs bathroom with tiled floors, heated tile!, a shift of the tub and shower to make a walk in shower but with a wall somehow to block the water from the whole bathroom. Any glass will be frosted so the inevitable soap and water marks don't show. Lots of ideas that have not yet crystalized into solid plans.

The bathroom also needs a replacement window and new storage units.  The bathroom needs $$$.  I hesitate to get serious about this as I may have a big expense coming up. It all depends on many things and many other people. No one can decide yet, including us. It's one of those hallways of life. So while I wait, I freshen up what I can, air out my surroundings and my mind, and wait.

It's also the waiting season.

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Photocat said...

My sister is just doing that: the bathroom with wall and walk in shower. Isn't it funny that when spring is nearing we want to refresh or clean?

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