Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday - Rothenburg ob der Tauber

After our day going in different directions, we were set to go out together to Rothenberg. I think I had been there before but so long ago, 1972, that I couldn't be sure. No photos of that time and of course so much has changed in ..uh..40 years??? However, I do recall going to a medieval city center so...

Another gray overcast morning but hey...it was November. I think of overcast and drizzly as true late autumn weather.

There had been an option this day - Wurzburg and the Prince Bishops' Residenz and wine tasting or Rothenbur ob der Tauber.  We chose the latter and got on our bus at the late (!) hour of 9:30a.m. and soon got our first sight of the city. Before we departed, our guide Gary distributed our lunch money of 15euros per person. An extravagant lunch it wouldn't be!

Once the bus was parked, we got out bearings and headed off with our various guides. Remember, we were always color coded by group so that no area of the town was overwhelmed with us!


Up and down the various streets we went,  enjoying the lack of cars for the most part.

The colors of the buildings were delightful on the gray day but the town was pretty quiet aside from us. There were stores for shopping but we knew we didn't need or even want much. I thought this hat suited him but he didn't. Sadly, I had to see the tan cap for the rest of the trip.

After a bathroom break - important when you have a flock of seniors - we headed down to the outcrop to see the rest of Rothenberg below. The medieval part of town is located up on a plateau and the green valley was very peaceful looking.

It was about this time that it started to hit me that the route we were taking was close to the route my father had taken as a soldier during WWII. Here I was in Bavaria again, and from here, I knew his route had been on to Berchtesgarden after many battles in Germany. I had known this all my life but somehow I had the connection to what had happened in 1944 and 45 at this point. I've had these feelings at other battlefields but this was was personal, and colored my feeling about the rest of the trip.

We have our headsets on to listen to our guide, though at times it was nice to turn them off and just experience the trip. A bit of time inside the church felt good.

Unfortunately, while on a schedule, you miss things like this concert.

We love taking photos of doors, especially if they have our house number. This door would be a bit much for our house!

This chain seemed to be in every city in Germany. Beautiful Christmas items, but not for us. I'll bet they do a landmark business in the summer! But it was time for lunch, and we had walked past several restaurants. Some were the kind of place we would go if it was a special event and we had time, but being on a cruise you become less inclined to eat something 'special'. I knew I wanted spaetzle, and spaetzle I got.

Back to the town market square (sadly no market) where we would meet our bus. It wasn't quite time, and so we went off for a quick dessert.

Not this. The strange, dry dessert balls made of cake? or cookie bits and sugar icing I think, about the size of a baseball. Apparently they are quite popular. Imagine a very dry version of cake pops.

We had two espressos and shared a slice of cheesecake- quarkkuchen. More than I needed but just what I wanted.

A quiet afternoon, as we prepared to head back to our ship. Lots of pretties to see in this town but how would that fit in a suitcase!

So goodbye Rothenberg and back to our ship with glimpses of what type of building will be ahead. We are getting close to the vestiges of the Ottoman empire with our first sight of onion domes.


radish38 said...

Enjoying your trip.

radish38 said...

Am enjoying your trip. Looks like great fun and tasty.

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