Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday: Bamberg

This was rather an easy post to do since I didn't go to Bamberg with my husband. I spent the day resting and trying to avoid his developing cold/cough. I read and took no photos! I did however thoroughly enjoy the Bavarian Lunch on board.

I leave you with his photographs which show a lovely city. I'm always amazed at how few people there are about, excluding our tour groups. 

Morning with the still reflective water. Always a lovely sight.

I'm sorry I missed the market. I love markets and this looks like it was an ordinary one as opposed to a Christmas one. The woman in the center was the group guide.

The river Regnitz figures prominently in many of the photos. Like so many cities we would visit on this trip, the river often was a source of flooding.

I'll have to ask him if this man was acting as a mime. That seems to be a popular thing in Germany and other parts of Europe.

 I presume the stag is a symbol...for something.

The Altes Rathaus. Another frequent building to be seen in many cities. The old Town Hall.

This river walk looks very inviting. I liked that many cities we saw had good clean public paths for walking. Would that we did more of that in the US.

Not sure what this building is but it's lovely.

Again, Altes Rathaaus, the old town hall. Wonder how many times that lower floor flooded over the years, centuries?

That river was certainly running well during this visit and I wonder if that power is now being harnessed for electricity or some other use.

Blogger seems to have had enough of these images, so I'll stop here and continue with a 2nd Bamberg post later this week.  A truly lovely town.

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