Thursday, March 21, 2013

Travel With Me Thursday: Bamberg, Encore

So we are back to Bamberg. Mr. R. has not been available for comment on his images since he has been involved in days of conference calls. Sadly, there was no government $ this year to get him to Boulder, so it's a lot of fanny fatigue here.  Plus, I seem to be out quite a few nights this week also and we're ships passing in the night. Thus, I'll have to let you got with a lot of pretty images. There the group is entering the Town Hall, with some beautiful frescoes on the outer walls.

Claus Staffenberg, a leader of the unsuccessful German military plot to overthrow Hitler on July 20, 1944.

Amazing images, aren't they? Town Hall Frescoes.

Yes, check those water marks on the bridge. Again, I wonder how often it happens in modern times.

The guide pointing out the home of the famous smoked beer of Bamberg, the Schlenkerla.  I imagine I would have liked this beer a lot in my beer drinking days.

Views of Bamberg's Cathedral.  At least on this trip, there seemed to be little restoration work. Sometimes we get a lot of photos of scaffolding!

Modern organ in the Dom of Bamberg. They showed up pretty nicely after a good bit of Lightroom work. Interior shots like this are not the best with an iPhone. Flash, if allowed, would look even worse.

More and husband's motto I'm afraid. Not sure what they had more of (fashion I believe) but I'm sure he would have liked it.
That's it for Bamberg  folks, so next week we continue our trip, still in Germany but on a more serious note, Nurnberg.


Photocat said...

Wonderful photographs Maureen. Are you in Germany right now? Can't wait for Nurnberg... I was amazed that you found a plaque to the honor of Count Staffenberg. (spelling?). Sadly enough he lost his life due to the attempt to over throw Hitler. Too bad it did not work. So many lives would have been saved...

Mary Ann said...

maureen my love,
i am thinking a trip to germany needs to be in my very near future!! can't wait to see more of these trip pics.
yours truly

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