Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Tutorial: Recoloring Elements, Tiffany Tillman Style

Once you start using digital software and supplies for scrapbooking, you quickly learn that you never have to buy matchy matchy items again. Early on, you might buy things that go together but there will come a time when you have a favorite element but it's not the color you want.  Recoloring is the answer! While digi stores are open 24/7, sometimes you want to use what you have but just in another color.

There are lots of ways to do this - a standard computer truism is that there are always at least three ways to do the same thing. That was one of my earliest lessons when I got my first work PC in the 80s.  But recently I saw this video of Tiffany Tillman's and bless her heart she encourages the sharing of it.  Yes, seeing it made me realize I had probably read this long ago but didn't get it. For me, seeing is understanding. Hope you like it!

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