Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Template Tuesday: Free Lightroom Presets for Facebook

Now you know you can change your Facebook cover image, right? I just saw these free Lightroom templates yesterday and thought...oh what a great share! In the scheme of life, it's not all that important, but in the fun parts of life, it's a quick fix that makes most of us smile. That is if we love our techy stuff.

I think I'm going to see what I can do with these later this week. Right now, my ongoing class in Lightroom , Kim Klassen's Round Trip, is wearing my eyeballs out, plus filling my few remaining cells brain with an overload of information. I do love it though! (Thank you Kim for developing this class!)  This is an example of what those preset templates from 27ShutterClicks can do. Now, you do have to get your own great shots for the templates but hey...we do the best we can, right?

Now that you've seen what you can do, you want them, right? Remember that word...Free!
Merci 27ShutterClicks for this generous offer! Click here.

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Kansas City Photographer said...

Thanks for sharing .. I have some to share back at http://randymckown.com/blog/freebies/

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