Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

I like this little guy, though I think his greeting should be in French, don't you? I also learned from an internet friend that in Belgium,  flying bells, not the Easter Bunny deliver chocolate eggs to good children. Those bells, apparently, fly to Rome each help ring in the Easter? We had no chocolate eggs in our yard. I blame the man who lives here for the bad behavior. It certainly could not have been moi.

The more I look at this image, I believe Monsieur Lapin may be an alter ego of chocolatier David Lebovitz. C'est vrai!


Photocat said...

Clocks or bunnies: same difference. The end result is chocolate. I tossed away a choc Saint Nicholas that had been hiding in my cupboard for 5 years... If it's not eaten in 5 years, it might never get eaten!

radish38 said...

I am sorry, you do not get an Easter Bunny. Easter bunnies are "over".
Yes, life is a waiting game. Here too we wait for either a large expense or maybe some money.

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