Friday, March 8, 2013

Five on Friday: March 8, 2013

So what went on this week?

1.  The Snowquester/Saturn snow storm did not leave me with any snow At All. Just rain and winds..yep, that's what we got.

2.  I planned to do some baking while I would be snowed in. So ok, the dreary consistent downpour still made it a great day to turn the oven on. I had the parmesan shortbread prepped and only had to bake it. I should have noticed that the dough was pretty darn soft. Well I did notice but still baked. Epic Fail.

I also think that I will not take the dough out of the fridge for 30 min prior to baking, especially on my soapstone counters which are great for defrosting but not so good for un-chilling shortbread dough.

3. I have been reading "The Forgetting  Tree", having been seduced by the cover, and have found it a pretty slow start. However, once the author gets into the main part of the story, I am seriously confirming my belief not to have any cancer treatment should I be diagnosed with cancer. I reserve the right to change my mind though.

4.  Oh I miss you. It died about 10 days ago and in this cold weather, my pot of tea gets cold before I finish it, even with its lovely cozy on. If I could get the bloody new one out of the box, I'd have it plugged in. However, I am not sure I want to risk back strain or breaking the new one while tilting the box to get it out. Yep, 1st world problems again.

5. Even though we never got snow on Wednesday, parts of the county did and it was sure a 'coulda been' one. My exercise class follows the school schedule, so no class. I had very mixed reactions to this. I jumped (figuratively) for joy at the news, just like a kid in grade school! But I also thought...oh I'm missing something that I rather enjoy and know it's good for me. As I waited for my tea to brew that day, I remembered the idea to walk around downstairs as exercise. I include a couple of 'go's round the dining room table, and the kitchen islands in my march. Then I remembered doing this as a small child of 3.  Wow..such a long ago memory.

It was with my Nana who faithfully listened to "The Breakfast Club" on the radio. Periodically - I saw on line that it was every 15 minutes - there was a call to march around the breakfast table.  I don't recall if Nana marched but she had me doing it. I suspect she was grateful to have anything to occupy me every morning. She had me for three years after I was born while my mother worked at a defense job and my father fought in WWII.  Nana was in her late 40s then...menopause and a toddler??? oh my!

Is anyone as old as I am to remember this show? I may not have The Breakfast Club music, but the periodic marching is still a good idea each morning or for all the times I'm sitting at the computer.  Which of us doesn't need those walk breaks!

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