Friday, March 29, 2013

Five on Friday - March 29 2013

I know I said I wouldn't be posting til after Easter but I changed my mind. While I'm not the best typist on the iPad, I can manage. So...

1. I've just finished Jeanette Winterson's "Why be happy when you can be normal?"  It's serious but with some wonderful humour in it. Yes, humour since so much of it's set in the north of England. I loved this bit as my xh and I used to lie in wait for the door-to-doors and try our best to confound them. Ok, I did. Not him.  "The only time that Mrs Winterson liked to answer the door was when she knew that the Mormons were coming round. Then she waited in the lobby, and before they had dropped the knocker she had flung open the door waving her Bible and warning them of eternal damnation. This was confusing for the Mormons because they thought they were in charge of eternal damnation. But Mrs Winterson was a better candidate for the job."

2.  One of the things I like best about dog sitting is the total ability to live on my own body clock. After a week, I'm ready for structure and responsibility again.


3. I have been so fed up by an example of pure entitlement once again that I could almost be pushed into becoming a tea party conservative. Prayer and silence have helped.

4. It's amazing to think of job interviews being conducted via teleconference from SW Asia. Dick Tracey world!

5. My grocery clerk last night had a name tag I recognized as African as well as a lilting accent. After I asked which country she was from, we had a short bi-lingual conversation.  It all balanced out the #3 irritation.

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