Friday, March 15, 2013

Five on Friday: March 15, 2013

My goodness the year is going by quickly. My goodness, this doesn't seem to happen when you're young, does it! That tells me a lot...

1. I am back to eating oatmeal again. The days of the morning aerobics class did not lend themselves to oatmeal before exercise. No, I didn't want to get up early to have 'digestion time'.  No, not at all.

2. Cardinals must be on the 'short bus' in the bird kingdom. We have reflective glass on our deck doors to preserve heat/air conditioning. The cardinals either think they have a rival for the females attention or think there's a female Right There just waiting for them.  I've put images of owls on the panes of the windows to no avail.  Right now, I'm getting kinda tired of hearing ping ping ping as those fiery red fellows give themselves headaches flying into the glass. Apparently as with human males, sex trumps common sense.

3. Yesterday, we had some tremendous winds that even blew through my air conditioner and ruffled the curtains. I balk each year about taking that window unit out since I have to put it somewhere. Getting it carried down and back up to the cellar no longer seems a good option. Each year as the months go by, I wish I had put a plastic sheet over the unit. I suspect it will be back to duct tape to seal it up when summer comes. Oh fun...

4. Yesterday, the old Advantium was taken out and the new microwave  installed.  After a day without a working kitchen, I decided it was a dinner out. He's always happy with Old Country Buffet and, truthfully, I am too since we can both get what we want. Snigger if you will, it works. Last night was no exception. We did not have one item in common all night. But apparently Thursday is family night and OMG, they had a cotton candy machine! I planned to get a few strands but by the time we were ready to go, the cotton candy man had 4 people waiting for banana splits, his other specialty. I suspect the idea of cotton candy was really enough for me.

5. On this day in 2001, a few months before our wedding, Mr. R. and I went to the mall for my wedding/engagement ring. I reminded him this morning that I would be up for a trip to the mall again for an additional band of diamonds. He mumbled somethingand went on to reprogram the thermostat. That's my engineer!

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