Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AAM Project Life and More

Lately, I have had a dull but often persistent pain in my upper right arm. I attributed this to the increased exercise I was getting in my aerobics class, flinging the arms hither and yon, plus work with weights. But, seriously,  that made no sense, as I had no pain in my left arm.  (I'm right handed btw.) I started to consider it must be something I'm doing... duh.

Well the other day, I 'discovered' that my painful arm is a condition related to what I call 'mouse finger'. It isn't computer work per se, it's using that finger and apparently a muscle connection to my upper arm while in PSE or Lightroom. Guess what I've done a lot of lately....Guess what I enjoy doing???

Well despite my 'injury', I managed to put these two together yesterday. ( eta: Yes, I got them done but with the wrong week. It was only Week 10! What can I say? brain cells failing...) I'm giving the arm a break so no 'Travel With Me Tuesday'.  I do want to get more of that trip done, so maybe Thursday, maybe next week. My arm will make the decision!


radish38 said...

I believe you about your finger. Not working with your finger IS probably the only thing that will help. I love your scrapbook page.

Marysol said...

'Mouse Finger.' Leave it to you to come up with such an amusing term.

Please, take care of all of you.

Photocat said...

Love the layouts. I believe you with the mouse finger. Using a wacom tablet and pen can bring help for that... letting your finger rest. I need to take a look at that lightroom class of yours... ;o)))

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