Monday, March 18, 2013

AAM Lightroom Love - I've Got It

Now I only bought Lightroom to organize my digital supplies, remember? Oh has that changed! I'm taking Kim Klassen's on line course, Round Trip, and trying to take the time to play as well as watch all the videos and try to absorb a portion of the information...oh the fun!

I know I won't be using certain things in LR. Probably. For one thing, my images are almost totally iPhone. For another thing, my eyes don't 'see' some of the corrections and adjustments Kim makes, even on a 27" iMac. That's a bad thing but also a good thing. No point in losing sleep over aging eyes. At least I can see!

Well today I took some old images from a trip to Italy. A trip which had as its main purpose - a visit to the Mecca of opera, LaScala.

From what was an image where the blown out white even bothered me to an image that I like. It's got that old world look - a scene from a noir movie set in Italia?? Who knows. But I like it and Thank You Kim and Lightroom.  The cost of Lightroom was much cheaper than Photoshop for me and that leaves money for other goodies. Chocolate! And exercise classes to burn off that chocolate!

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Photocat said...

the after definitely looks better... LR is more a database program, and I love it too. I agree that photoshop is expensive. Well done with your scale photograph. Are you an Opera lover? Me too... We need to meet one day and scrap some or make books with the Opera company of Verona in the background...

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