Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday - Frankfurt/Heidelberg

Morning in Frankfurt Germany, a lovely view of the Main river, peaceful and serene.

As Mr. R. felt better after his day aboard the boat, he decided he would take the excursion into Heidelberg. For whatever reason, I just didn't feel like the long bus ride to and fro, and so decided to have a bit of a quiet day myself on board. I was also starting to feel the lack of a good night's sleep with the mild snoring he was doing.  As I've gotten older, I find that my sleep is not as deep and I wake up too easily. Sleep deprivation is not good.

Off he went at 08:30 with his group to meet their bus and I debated what I'd do. I finally decided to stay in and do some computer work and go out after lunch.

Modern Frankfurt with its skyscrapers and the stunning Main tower ahead. A crisp day, perfect for walking about and looking up and around.

A yarn shop tempted me but as I don't knit, it was only a temptation. Actually, I should have just asked to buy the sweater. (see me there too??)

The old here and there amidst the 21st century.  The Eschenheimer Tower, and no I didn't attempt to climb it. My heel and knee knew their limits. The sun was still warm when I was in it but it was getting chilly in the shade. I decided I'd walked enough from my starting point and needed to head back.  Then I found a market.

I'll show you that in the next post!

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