Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Travel with me Tuesday - Heidelberg

Still in Germany, he went to Heidelberg while I stayed in Frankfurt. Other than the long bus ride to and fro, I really had no reason not to go with him but I didn't.  Sometimes with a 24/7 trip like this we need some time to go our own ways and this was one of them.

I cannot tell you what each photo is about but the beauty of Heidelberg is legendary.  I imagine this was the beginning of the time in the city.

Looking down into the city from Heidelberg Castle is one of those impressive sites known to most travelers to Germany. Here is the River Neckar and I believe the old bridge.

The weather was just right for a day out, with sun and beautiful skies to contrast with the autumn leaves.

But just as it had been on earlier days, the weather could change in a heartbeat. But tourism must go on! I can see that they have left the Castle and gone down into the city.

With the Castle up in the hills in the background, the gray clouds come in and I suspect the temperature dropped.  Some of the group, with headsets to hear their guide, walk through the city marketplatz.

I know they had a lunch in the city but sadly the photos are so blurry that they aren't usable. Heidelberg is also well known for its beer! My husband is not a drinker but maybe the atmosphere permeated the camera. 

Back along the Neckar river, were some interesting sights. The Alte Brucke  of 1788 again.

This looked like a cat to me but oh no, it's something different! The true story!

As with most rivers we saw on our trip,  there were markers noting the periodic high tides and various flood years. The Neckar was no different.  Waterfront living has its price.

The old city gates with two lovely towers. Not so lovely in their day I imagine if you were the one trying to attack the city!

Goodbye Castle, and look....the sun has come out again.  I'm not sure where along the bus ride home this is but it is so typical of the beautiful homes and towns along the rivers of Germany.

And what was down this path?  Mossy walls have a feeling of promise or, I suspect, some scarier images on a foggy night.

Until I get some answers from my husband, I'll leave you with this mystery. What DOES lie down this walled path? And what was that cat sculpture all about???  Do you know???

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Marysol said...

This time you've gone too far!
No, really. Heidelberg is such a long ways away. But what a fascinating city.
And I'm curiouser and curiouser about where the dark path leads.

I've never been to Germany and was not aware of its beauty. So thank you dear M. for letting me tag along! What a treat.

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