Monday, February 11, 2013

So Over It

Things I am rather tired of....ok, kinda sick of...

  • Sunburst mirrors
  • Chalk fonts and stuff made to look chalky
  • Panetone's current color-of-the-year Emerald. Ok, I may get around to liking this again if I find something that color that I look good in. Mostly I look jaundiced.

  • Shrunken, tight suits on, thankgod, mostly young men. They still doesn't flatter.
  • 5-6" heels for women. Not that I wear them but I think of the poor feet in the years to come of those who do wear them. Everything has a price.    
  • Cupcakes. Just Too Much Trouble to make and usually too expensive to buy. Oh yeah, too much icing.
  • The use of the word "invite" instead of "invitation".  Invite is a verb; invitation is a noun. Get it?
  • Strapless wedding dresses. Fortunately, I do not know women of first marriage age so I don't have to see these in person.
  • Every 'cute' dog or cat photo or poster on Facebook. In actuality, I' m pretty tired of Facebook - period.

Ok...enough of my dislikes du jour. I suspect there are probably more but I don't want to dwell on that thought. Any 'so tired of's of yours that you'd like to share?


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radish38 said...

At this time of year I am tired of my jeans. I am tired of artisan bread. I am sending my husband out for childhood sponge bread so we can have a tuna sandwich. I might even go for white bread. I also might throw the rest of the loaf away.

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