Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snow-yes; Bizzard-maybe

I came to Boston to see snow and I've seen snow. Lots of nice, well behaved half-inch snowfalls and lovely flurries dancing in the air as I go to sleep. It's wonderful to be up on the 19th floor and see the ground frosted when I get up most mornings. But as the sun rises, the snow politely takes its leave. Walking is simple when there are no icy patches to contend with.

I'm due to fly home midday Friday. A blizzard of up 2 feet is scheduled to arrive Friday. Which event will occur first is anyone's guess. Travel is always an adventure, isn't it!  Go with the flow...Works for me!

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radish38 said...

I really have been in Boston only once. I could not believe that wind could be so cold. But I thought Boston a great place even though I spent a lot of time in the hotel room with vomiting daughter.

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