Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just Today - February 17, 2013


Outside my window...the wind is howling a lot more than I thought it would today. However, there is no snow. So far.

I am true it is that in non-profits, you have to earn your own salary first, even if you don't get a salary.

I am be inside, cozy and warm today.

In the kitchen...there are piles of various newspapers. It's a Sunday scene.

I am wearing...well, yes, I am still in my jammies and once I take a shower and get dressed there will be fleece involved. It's that kind of day...cozy.

I am creating...order our of the constant inputs of volunteer emails.

I am going...pretty much no where today. That feels good.

I am wondering...when the promised database will really appear. I started with this non-profit in October. We are soon approaching March. I said I would give it 6 months, foolishly hoping I'd be done with inputting all the old data into said database.  "Playing the Waiting Game"

I am reading..."Sweet Tooth" by Ian McEwan. Well, I'm starting it today and it's one of those mixed feelings of wanting to start it but knowing when I finish I'll have a wait of a few years for his next book.  Push-pull, push-pull as the psychologists say.

I am hoping...that Mr. R. will have warm enough weather for his Hilton Head biking.

I am looking forward to...Downton Abbey again tonight.

I am learning...patience. Again. Always. But somehow, here it comes round again.

I think this is a fun quote...Remember, "Life's so short, why live only one?"

One of my favorite tabbouleh. My lunch is the last of the Hannah tabbouleh from Costco. I need to get more!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Mammogram (on a holiday no less), volunteer work meeting to discuss position responsibilities,  cleaning ladies clean, make shortbread - I hope you also have a good week ahead!

I ate them all :)

This idea comes from The Simple Woman's Daybook.

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