Friday, February 8, 2013

Five on Friday February 8, 2013

While it's a Friday, it seems almost like a Monday to me. Having been gone for a full 7 days, on my own with no restrictions on what I did or when I was to do it, I'm getting back in the groove with three projects to do today or tomorrow. There's mucho computer time ahead.

1. I am very very grateful that I got the last Southwest flight out of Boston. Sorry, historic blizzard. I'll watch you on tv, thank you very much. The sunsets I'll miss though.

2. There is nothing quite like being back on an iMac after days without a keyboard. iPads and iPhones are great but a thumb texter etc I'm not, and nothing beats my smokin' fast iMac.

3. Do you know how spoiled we Washingtonians or near to Washingtonians are? Virtually all our museums are free.  Making a decision to spend $13-17 dollars for an exhibit is hard for me to swallow. Fortunately, I found a Free Night at Boston's ICA.  It was also a nice walk on a winter night.

4. I didn't eat meat all week, and fish only once. For the most part, I could be a vegetarian. For the most part.

5. I found a lovely new crime series. Not as dark as the Scandinavian ones but with just enough of an unexpected brutal murder to startle me. Martin Walker's "Bruno" series. I recommend them. Start saving your money for a Bruno-inspired trip. Mr. Walker paints a lovely picture of Southwest France.

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