Monday, February 25, 2013

AAM Monday - Feast or Famine

You know how you see a book in the newspaper or a friend tells you about it or one of your Goodreads buddies is reading it? So onto your library hold list it goes. Then you wait. You're # 27 or 430 on the list so the book kind of goes out of your mind. Well, it goes out of my mind!

But then all of a sudden, books start appearing ready for pickup. It's one book, then suddenly you have three or 4 ready to read. Then, god-forbid, you have e-books on Overdrive because they seem to hear their paper peers on their way to your house and they decide they want to go too! In our library, you get a week to pick up a paper book. Overdrive, however, gives you a scant 72 hours.

So where am I now? I have four books that were holds sitting in my house now.
  • Sweet Tooth - Ian McEwan
  • What is Mine - Anne Holt
  • What Never Happens - Anne Holt 
  • Grace: a Memoir - Grace Coddington
More? oh yes. My husband and I went to Howard Country to get cards from that library system so he could have a wider field of e-books to choose from.  We each...heh heh...also found paper type books to check out, so let's add to that list of what I have to read.
  • Maman's Homesick Pie: a Persian Heart in an American Kitchen -Donia Bijan
  • The Forgetting Tree -Tatjana Soli
  • Mrs. Queen Takes the Train -William M. Kuhn
You would think that's more than enough. I certainly do but oh no...there are more. I had a catch up visit with a friend and came home with these. Do I have books or what! Yes, my friends this is certainly feast time. I suspect it would be ungrateful of me to complain.  But seriously, I almost have book indigestion.

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