Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Life - 13 week 8

Sometimes, it seems like a slow project and then I see Week 8. That means 2 months have nearly passed. It's a good way to find the good, and sometimes the not so good in the week. That way I can remember we go through ups and downs, but in the end, it always works out. It always does.

I continue to plod my way through exercise class 3 times a week. While the first 15 minutes makes me wonder if I'll make it, I always do - so far. The only downside is I come home so zoned out with endorphins that I could sleep away the rest of the day. I don't but I could!

Are you doing this Project Life? How is it going for you? Fun filled I hope!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Travel with me Tuesday - Heidelberg

Still in Germany, he went to Heidelberg while I stayed in Frankfurt. Other than the long bus ride to and fro, I really had no reason not to go with him but I didn't.  Sometimes with a 24/7 trip like this we need some time to go our own ways and this was one of them.

I cannot tell you what each photo is about but the beauty of Heidelberg is legendary.  I imagine this was the beginning of the time in the city.

Looking down into the city from Heidelberg Castle is one of those impressive sites known to most travelers to Germany. Here is the River Neckar and I believe the old bridge.

The weather was just right for a day out, with sun and beautiful skies to contrast with the autumn leaves.

But just as it had been on earlier days, the weather could change in a heartbeat. But tourism must go on! I can see that they have left the Castle and gone down into the city.

With the Castle up in the hills in the background, the gray clouds come in and I suspect the temperature dropped.  Some of the group, with headsets to hear their guide, walk through the city marketplatz.

I know they had a lunch in the city but sadly the photos are so blurry that they aren't usable. Heidelberg is also well known for its beer! My husband is not a drinker but maybe the atmosphere permeated the camera. 

Back along the Neckar river, were some interesting sights. The Alte Brucke  of 1788 again.

This looked like a cat to me but oh no, it's something different! The true story!

As with most rivers we saw on our trip,  there were markers noting the periodic high tides and various flood years. The Neckar was no different.  Waterfront living has its price.

The old city gates with two lovely towers. Not so lovely in their day I imagine if you were the one trying to attack the city!

Goodbye Castle, and look....the sun has come out again.  I'm not sure where along the bus ride home this is but it is so typical of the beautiful homes and towns along the rivers of Germany.

And what was down this path?  Mossy walls have a feeling of promise or, I suspect, some scarier images on a foggy night.

Until I get some answers from my husband, I'll leave you with this mystery. What DOES lie down this walled path? And what was that cat sculpture all about???  Do you know???

Monday, February 25, 2013

AAM Monday - Feast or Famine

You know how you see a book in the newspaper or a friend tells you about it or one of your Goodreads buddies is reading it? So onto your library hold list it goes. Then you wait. You're # 27 or 430 on the list so the book kind of goes out of your mind. Well, it goes out of my mind!

But then all of a sudden, books start appearing ready for pickup. It's one book, then suddenly you have three or 4 ready to read. Then, god-forbid, you have e-books on Overdrive because they seem to hear their paper peers on their way to your house and they decide they want to go too! In our library, you get a week to pick up a paper book. Overdrive, however, gives you a scant 72 hours.

So where am I now? I have four books that were holds sitting in my house now.
  • Sweet Tooth - Ian McEwan
  • What is Mine - Anne Holt
  • What Never Happens - Anne Holt 
  • Grace: a Memoir - Grace Coddington
More? oh yes. My husband and I went to Howard Country to get cards from that library system so he could have a wider field of e-books to choose from.  We each...heh heh...also found paper type books to check out, so let's add to that list of what I have to read.
  • Maman's Homesick Pie: a Persian Heart in an American Kitchen -Donia Bijan
  • The Forgetting Tree -Tatjana Soli
  • Mrs. Queen Takes the Train -William M. Kuhn
You would think that's more than enough. I certainly do but oh no...there are more. I had a catch up visit with a friend and came home with these. Do I have books or what! Yes, my friends this is certainly feast time. I suspect it would be ungrateful of me to complain.  But seriously, I almost have book indigestion.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday - Frankfurt/Heidelberg

Morning in Frankfurt Germany, a lovely view of the Main river, peaceful and serene.

As Mr. R. felt better after his day aboard the boat, he decided he would take the excursion into Heidelberg. For whatever reason, I just didn't feel like the long bus ride to and fro, and so decided to have a bit of a quiet day myself on board. I was also starting to feel the lack of a good night's sleep with the mild snoring he was doing.  As I've gotten older, I find that my sleep is not as deep and I wake up too easily. Sleep deprivation is not good.

Off he went at 08:30 with his group to meet their bus and I debated what I'd do. I finally decided to stay in and do some computer work and go out after lunch.

Modern Frankfurt with its skyscrapers and the stunning Main tower ahead. A crisp day, perfect for walking about and looking up and around.

A yarn shop tempted me but as I don't knit, it was only a temptation. Actually, I should have just asked to buy the sweater. (see me there too??)

The old here and there amidst the 21st century.  The Eschenheimer Tower, and no I didn't attempt to climb it. My heel and knee knew their limits. The sun was still warm when I was in it but it was getting chilly in the shade. I decided I'd walked enough from my starting point and needed to head back.  Then I found a market.

I'll show you that in the next post!

Monday, February 18, 2013

AAM So Glad It's a Holiday

No I don't plan to go shopping, no I'm not getting to go to Mt. Vernon which is free today.  I'm going to get a mammogram....

However, because it's a holiday, I have no aerobics class! I know that's a bad attitude but I'm still glad!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just Today - February 17, 2013


Outside my window...the wind is howling a lot more than I thought it would today. However, there is no snow. So far.

I am true it is that in non-profits, you have to earn your own salary first, even if you don't get a salary.

I am be inside, cozy and warm today.

In the kitchen...there are piles of various newspapers. It's a Sunday scene.

I am wearing...well, yes, I am still in my jammies and once I take a shower and get dressed there will be fleece involved. It's that kind of day...cozy.

I am creating...order our of the constant inputs of volunteer emails.

I am going...pretty much no where today. That feels good.

I am wondering...when the promised database will really appear. I started with this non-profit in October. We are soon approaching March. I said I would give it 6 months, foolishly hoping I'd be done with inputting all the old data into said database.  "Playing the Waiting Game"

I am reading..."Sweet Tooth" by Ian McEwan. Well, I'm starting it today and it's one of those mixed feelings of wanting to start it but knowing when I finish I'll have a wait of a few years for his next book.  Push-pull, push-pull as the psychologists say.

I am hoping...that Mr. R. will have warm enough weather for his Hilton Head biking.

I am looking forward to...Downton Abbey again tonight.

I am learning...patience. Again. Always. But somehow, here it comes round again.

I think this is a fun quote...Remember, "Life's so short, why live only one?"

One of my favorite tabbouleh. My lunch is the last of the Hannah tabbouleh from Costco. I need to get more!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Mammogram (on a holiday no less), volunteer work meeting to discuss position responsibilities,  cleaning ladies clean, make shortbread - I hope you also have a good week ahead!

I ate them all :)

This idea comes from The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Flashback Friday - Picnics of Yore

A summer picnic over 10 years ago up an a family farm in the Catoctin area of Maryland. No not my family! The group was from the Utne magazine on-line forum. That's me looking like the tallest one there (standing on a chair) - I'm younger, thinner and still coloring my hair.  We were a diverse group with many talents. I had never seen such a display as the one below. Sometimes you have to put more than your mind to it and a good nose helps! Unfortunately, the forum dissolved over the years but the memories remain - especially when we have photos to remind us.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Warms

love warms

Guess What???

Source: via Leiredel on Pinterest

Thank you for reading my blog! I write for my own amusement but it makes me happy to know that you read me too!  
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

365/Project Life - Week 5 Just Before Boston

I don't have much to catch up with on this project now, except a whole week in Boston. I'm not sure if I'll condense it or do a day by day.  We shall see.

The funny part in all that snow at the end of week 5 was that I was going to Boston to experience a little bit of snow and winter weather. Life has its twists some times.

Monday, February 11, 2013

So Over It

Things I am rather tired of....ok, kinda sick of...

  • Sunburst mirrors
  • Chalk fonts and stuff made to look chalky
  • Panetone's current color-of-the-year Emerald. Ok, I may get around to liking this again if I find something that color that I look good in. Mostly I look jaundiced.

  • Shrunken, tight suits on, thankgod, mostly young men. They still doesn't flatter.
  • 5-6" heels for women. Not that I wear them but I think of the poor feet in the years to come of those who do wear them. Everything has a price.    
  • Cupcakes. Just Too Much Trouble to make and usually too expensive to buy. Oh yeah, too much icing.
  • The use of the word "invite" instead of "invitation".  Invite is a verb; invitation is a noun. Get it?
  • Strapless wedding dresses. Fortunately, I do not know women of first marriage age so I don't have to see these in person.
  • Every 'cute' dog or cat photo or poster on Facebook. In actuality, I' m pretty tired of Facebook - period.

Ok...enough of my dislikes du jour. I suspect there are probably more but I don't want to dwell on that thought. Any 'so tired of's of yours that you'd like to share?


Sunday, February 10, 2013

AAM February 10, 2013


Outside my's still cold but there is brilliant sunlight.

I am thinking...about an acquaintance who is broke and planning a drive to Maine.  Maine???

I am thankful...I have my eldest home again from the 'stan - for a while.

In the husband is making his breakfast.

I am creating...things in my mind but not yet on the computer. No time yet but it will come.

I am a family visit today. Nice to see them with Daddy home for a bit.

I am wondering...if someone will get the new job he has applied for. There are pros and cons to it.

I am reading...some old Larry Dossey. I suspect the book could have been edited quite a bit or it's just that I know the subject well.

I am hoping...that the memorial service yesterday will help the widow move forward.

I am looking forward to...having a JSJ session this week.

I am learning... the intricacies of Google drive and how to manage the various inputs of information I'm getting in a volunteer job.

Around the's pretty orderly, until you get upstairs. Bit by bit, less is more.

I am pondering...what happened to the woman who plans to drive to Maine. What will happen to her?

A favorite quote for today...Less is More. My One Little Word expanded.

One of my favorite having my tea made for me in the morning.  It's a good start to any day.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Cardio 3x, a JSJ session, a Lightroom class, and some time updating volunteer records. Oh yeah...some catch up cooking for our dinners. He ate it all when I was in Boston, as I hoped  he would.

worst haircut ever

This idea comes from The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Five on Friday February 8, 2013

While it's a Friday, it seems almost like a Monday to me. Having been gone for a full 7 days, on my own with no restrictions on what I did or when I was to do it, I'm getting back in the groove with three projects to do today or tomorrow. There's mucho computer time ahead.

1. I am very very grateful that I got the last Southwest flight out of Boston. Sorry, historic blizzard. I'll watch you on tv, thank you very much. The sunsets I'll miss though.

2. There is nothing quite like being back on an iMac after days without a keyboard. iPads and iPhones are great but a thumb texter etc I'm not, and nothing beats my smokin' fast iMac.

3. Do you know how spoiled we Washingtonians or near to Washingtonians are? Virtually all our museums are free.  Making a decision to spend $13-17 dollars for an exhibit is hard for me to swallow. Fortunately, I found a Free Night at Boston's ICA.  It was also a nice walk on a winter night.

4. I didn't eat meat all week, and fish only once. For the most part, I could be a vegetarian. For the most part.

5. I found a lovely new crime series. Not as dark as the Scandinavian ones but with just enough of an unexpected brutal murder to startle me. Martin Walker's "Bruno" series. I recommend them. Start saving your money for a Bruno-inspired trip. Mr. Walker paints a lovely picture of Southwest France.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snow-yes; Bizzard-maybe

I came to Boston to see snow and I've seen snow. Lots of nice, well behaved half-inch snowfalls and lovely flurries dancing in the air as I go to sleep. It's wonderful to be up on the 19th floor and see the ground frosted when I get up most mornings. But as the sun rises, the snow politely takes its leave. Walking is simple when there are no icy patches to contend with.

I'm due to fly home midday Friday. A blizzard of up 2 feet is scheduled to arrive Friday. Which event will occur first is anyone's guess. Travel is always an adventure, isn't it!  Go with the flow...Works for me!

Wordless Wednesday February 6 2013

I finally ate a duffin.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It Was a Very Good Day

Constantly burrowing into blanket-nests and staying there in quiet decadence. Quoting

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