Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wrapping up Project Life - 2012

I enjoyed doing this one a lot, but am still on the fence about 2013. Yes, I know the year has started but ...I realized, well, I think I realized that I liked the 365 layout more. I had planned to mix them but never did. PL is easier in many ways with just one page of photos and journaling. However, I never did make two pages for each week and it seemed more jumbled to look at that way. I really like the look of a two page spread for each week but that does take more work.

With no children and their zillions of activities and sayings to include, my journaling tended to be more personal (via Day One) and I really didn't want to include much of that.  So while this year is still up in the air, 2012 is finished, sent to the printer (Persnickety Prints) and literally on its way back to me. Once again, I need pocket protectors and really, really, want to get the ones that have the narrow margins for the D ring binder. I will not be surprised to see those prints on Monday (ordered Thursday). Besides being good, Persnickety is sure speedy!

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