Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trevel with Me Tuesday - On to Rudesheim

Now we were starting to get into the real part of the cruise. Down the Rhine we headed after a good solid breakfast. I do like my breakfasts. Yoghurt with granola and stewed fruit, as well as some good meats and cheeses.  A pot of tea as always.

The day outside was dismal and rainy but we weren't going anywhere in the morning. We'd be docking after lunch, so it was nice to just sit back, and look out the windows as we passed town after town.

Fortunately, the weather was not quite so dark all morning but the sky was dramatic early on. Just have some more tea as the sky lightened and lovely towns appeared.

Each day while we cruised like this, we would have one of our guides narrating the sights we were seeing. This first day it was Piet, our knowledgeable guide from the Netherlands. As we could hear him outside, many of us wandered in and out depending on the rain.

I had driven down this stretch of Germany in 1972 and knew about the Castles along the Rhine. There was one ahead in the distance.

Big patches of low cloud were also ahead, so we snapped our photos as fast as we could.

But clouds can move quickly too, and we were rewarded.

By the time we reached Rudesheim, the weather had cleared up, and after lunch we would have the afternoon in the town. But now, time for a break. Back later in the week for the rest of this day.

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