Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday January 8, 2013

I really don't know where Monday went.

I suspect it had to do with my first aerobic class or any gym experience in over a year. Thanks to my punk ankle and knee, I have become more out of condition than I have been in a long time. Exercise was out of the question for quite a while and even walking hurt.  btw, my Nana always used the word "punk" to describe something sick or ailing back in the 1950s. I've never heard anyone else use that term that way. Anyone else recall that use of the word?

But Monday's 1 hour class left me exhausted, but yes with a boatload of endorphins, and the usual post exercise feeling that I could sleep for the rest of the day. I didn't but I wanted to. I also ended up sleeping til 07:30 this a.m. so the body has its own trick of getting its way.

A lost Monday meant no Monday post even though I did make some headway into my 2013 365/Project Life. I'm starting out with 365 because it's somewhat easier with a basic template. I like PL but I certainly am not into filling up all those squares with a zillion items. My supply list is usually under 5 items, not the 25 or so that some others use. I'm fine with that and I'm not a salesperson for any digi store as the creative team members are. I like the look at times, but I know it's not me.   But even that one page didn't get finished. I think I started something else but seriously...cannot remember. Thank God we had leftovers in the fridge or it might have been carryout for us. Fortunately, we have some good non-chains near us for that.

So the TWMTuesday has just one shot of food from our Italian trip last spring. Seriously, is there any bad food in Italy? I don't know about you but I get updates on my iPad apps every frickin' day. Yesterday was Picframe.  If you don't have it, go wild and spend the $0.99.  Well, well worth it. When I got the update, I thought I might as well use it again. This time I did the rounded corner style. Fun for a change tho I miss the borders. Maybe I could have done that also but the brain was not fully functioning since the body snatched all the energy with that exercise fol-de-rol.

If you had been with me in Italy in May, you would have eaten these things, among many, many other goodies.  Is there another reason to go to Italy???
  1. Amaretti - not from the familiar red tin. Isn't this design cute?
  2. Not ravioli, but I do forget the name of this shape of pasta.
  3. A lunch of a cheese selection as well as a selection of dried, cured meats. Be still my heart.
  4. Nice peppers that I cooked for my husband. Just enough heat in most of them to make him happy with the odd one being HOT!
  5. My absolute favorite pastry - La Sfogliatella (lobster tail). I ate them every time I saw one!
Next week, I'll try to get back to the ongoing saga of the Rhine/Danube cruise. It may be the only way I get myself to scrap it!

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CameoRoze said...

My mom used "punky" in a similar way ... as in "My ankle was punky" or "I'm feeling punky" rather than "I have a punk ankle." Fun to see that word again. :)

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