Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Travel with Me Tuesday Cologne

After our day in Amsterdam, we woke up to a rainy, overcast day along the Rhine. We became more accustomed to our ship, and had a full seafood lunch our first day started by what would become a standard - pea soup of some sort.

I was delighted to find, in addition to a whole salmon, a selection of cold seafood, that would fill me up. I had a couple of plates of these goodies.

Finally we saw the iconic image of Cologne in the distance...the Cathedral.

It was a good thing we had that lunch because there was a lot of walking and standing ahead. Our boat docked just below the Cathedral and off we all went. Up the steps as we got closer to the square and my knee was talking to me.

We had our choice of two museums in Cologne, a Modern Art museum or a Roman museum. I picked the Roman one. Despite my years of Latin and even more years of history, it still amazes me how far the Romans colonized. Gary, who would be our guide for the entire trip, gave us our instructions.  Just like in grade school we were divided into color groups - we would be the orange group.

There were stunning mosaics including a floor of a dining room that in recent years was used to host a G8 dinner. Of course sturdy glass was put over the mosaic floor to protect it! The photo above shows other mosaics with the ancient symbol that would later come to have a horrific connotation.

More displays of pottery and glassware as well as innumerable household items. By now, bundled up as we were for the outside damp chill, most of us were shedding clothes left and right. I decided I had enough and went and sat while Dick continued on.

Finally, we left the Roman museum, and headed out to the square. This was our first time on our own and I suspect Gary wondered if we all would manage to get back to the ship! We decided we would walk first as we needed the fresh air. Oh the temptations here and there! But we were having no shortage of meals on the ship, and so for the most part I resisted.

With rain coming down again, we headed to find the department store one of our guides had mentioned as having a wonderful food hall. We dashed in as the rain came down, and had espressos in the little food hall cafe as well as a good sit down. I wandered through the various food departments but didn't see anything I 'needed'.  One thing I hoped to buy was a good, sturdy spaetzle maker. No luck in this store. By the time we came out, the rain had gone and so we walked up and down the pedestrian only street with all the other holiday shoppers.  Just looking and getting a good idea of euro prices. A glorious sky and good time in the Kaufhof.

Dick decided to go back to the ship and take a nap before dinner and I wandered round the Cathedral and inside for a bit while a mass was going on. The cathedral is beautifully lit at night and so you overlook the renovation scaffolding.

I also looked at all the shops in the Bahnhoff and enjoyed watching the people coming and going on the many many trains. Finally my legs and energy were giving out and I decided to head back DOWN the many steps to the ship.  I didn't want to miss dinner!

With my cheese plate dessert came this tiny little fruit with the big leaves. No one knew what it was, but I was brave and ate it. Good but it was the delicate leaves that won me. Today, I forget the name but it comes from South Africa and is not a kumquat. When I remember, I'll edit this.

At the end of a good day, we said good night to Cologne and looked forward to another day with another city. auf Wiedersehen!

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