Thursday, January 24, 2013

Travel with Me Thursday - Rudesheim

After lunch, he decided he wasn't feeling really well and would stay onboard and take a nap. That seemed best as vacations don't have to have a daily agenda though Vantage had enough activity to keep the easily bored busy. What a glorious day it had become. Brisk but sunny and clear.

Such a lovely river walk, it was tempting to stay behind but there was a gondola ride ahead and I wanted to do that.

We each had a gondola to ourselves and, as I had no partner this day, I was alone in mine. It was open air and a really nice ride over the vineyards. The Neiderwald Monument was at the top of our trip up but after a quick look, most of us just looked out at the view rather than try to translate all the posters about the reunification of the German empire back in the late 1800s.

What a view there was up top. The restaurant on the left was sadly closed for the season and it would have been nice to have a coffee or tea up there and just watch the river. I suspect that gazebo might have a few chairs in summer? or just provide a bit of shade on the hot days.

I had to prove that I was actually here, so here I am! We were given the option of walking down through the vineyards back to the town, and I thought about it but decided no. I had only recently had the boot from my ankle removed that I didn't want to test it. So back down into the town I went by gondola.

There had been guidance earlier on about the various wine stores in town but not being a wine drinker, I just walked about in the late afternoon light.

But as I didn't need wine or any of the Christmas items for sale, the only souvenir I bought was edible - two tubes of marzipan.  Christmas shops abound in Germany it seems but we are in the downsizing of our Christmases rather than in the ornament collecting period. So for me, it was time to walk back to the boat, not take the road north to Weisbaden. That would be for tomorrow.

The river walk beckoned and again it would have been nice to just sit in the sun... well, if I had a cup of tea also. Tea was on the boat so I just enjoyed the sun and headed back.

Back on the boat, it was time for tea and a rest of my own.  Eventually it was time for dinner, which started out with a soup as usual. btw, no one forced me to eat this soup but it was a nice start and always good. When is a good broth not welcome? "Fladle Suppe".

What followed this day was roast pork tenderloin with mushrooms and rosti. Oh yum! Pork would also figure prominently on this trip. German pork was delicious.

Finally, this tiramisu while good eating was so cleverly decorated that we all ooohed and ahhhed.

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