Thursday, January 17, 2013

Texture Time on Thursday

I drink tea from a pot, not from a teabag.

I truly don't have a lot of experience in using textures, but thought I'd have a go for Kim Klassen's Cuppa Challenge. Use at least one of her textures and a shot of your favorite cup. I have seven mugs that I like very much. Years ago when I was still working, I started using one mug for each day of the week. This 'rest a minute' mug actually came from Michaels' dollar section several years after I retired. It's a reminder to not bite off more than I can chew each day. There is not point in being frazzled in retirement!

None of my images are set up very much like Kim's are so I rarely have a blank background. The textures I used were KK confusion and KK flourish.  A little too dark for me but I wanted to shade out that left side so I used a gradient.  Maybe I'll try it a bit later with other textures to see what I can come up with. Not all projects end up as we hope.

So this is what is more to my liking....same image but with Kim's 1301, and chaos textures.

still using the Christmas tea cozy

It's all a learning process isn't it. btw, I decided to do these when my Lightroom install key didn't come in in time for my class yesterday. Funnily enough my trial of LR ended the day before. That kind of synch said...Stay home and watch the Matt Kloskowski video that came with the software. It all works out.


radish38 said...

I did not enter the challenge. Been away from my desk. or my desk has been tied up.

Maureeen, I shave the fennel for salad sometimes. I have four pair of jeans, but two are saved for "good" and need ironing. It is depression mentality.

Pieni Lintu said...

Very pretty! :)

Beverly said...

Ah, very nice work!

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