Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hail to the Chief!

Interesting to see this simple swearing in ceremony. I have been to an presidential inauguration, i.e., I worked on one so I actually 'saw' that one in quite a different way. It was a long day, and not as bitterly cold as it can get in Washington DC for inaugurations.  But being a Beltway child, I am one who will stay home tomorrow and watch it on tv. The temperature is already dropping so it sounds as if the cold is coming for Inauguration Day. It usually does.

To those who have come to DC  - You will hopefully have a wonderful time, and a memorable one. Just one bit of advice. When you're on the Metro escalators,  Stand on the RIGHT! The left is for the people who still have to work tomorrow, and need to move fast!  Remember  - Stand on the RIGHT!

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