Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Week at at Time

I waffled so much about what format to use for the weekly scrapbook pages this year. Last year, it evolved into a Project Life format; the 2011 book was 365 layouts with lots more variation.  I think PL would work really well if it was being done in a paper or hybrid version, but I got sick of trying to coordinate the page and add enough elements to make it 'pretty' or at least enjoyable to create. With two adults in the house, there certainly aren't cute little sayings each day. Not with an introverted engineer as half of that couple. Perhaps I should record some of my own brilliant thoughts on journal cards!

So this year has started out as the 365 version. 2 pages each week, and I'm hoping I'll have a good photo that represents the way the week felt. Since we hadn't done a great deal of Christmas decorating,  I wanted to keep that feel of moving into an undecorated home in January.  I realized how much I missed doing a December Daily. Next year!

Oh, those snowflakes fluttering down the page?  All wishful thinking. No snow, and really not very much cold weather either.  I have no desire to go to WVA to see snow, thank you, but maybe in Boston? I think there's hope for that in February.

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Photocat said...

Welcome to the iphone world. lol. And thank you for visiting my blog. Seems like if I want foodie stuff I need to be at your place.
I'd better start packing now, we leave tomorrow and I have not even started yet. Wooo me...

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