Friday, January 11, 2013

5 Fact Friday - January 11, 2013

Sadly, there seems little sign of the original meme on Reflection of You reviving itself in 2013. Nonetheless, I shall carry on when I feel like it and blog along, with or without company. Let me know if you're doing it too, and I'll try and come and say hello. Just let me know in a comment.

1. Two people very dear to me are spiraling out of control. They are both 40ish adults and making choices that lead to self destruction. I only hope I hear if one or the other actually dies. I've always believed that if there's life, there's hope, but sometimes I can doubt that... Right now I doubt.

2. I don't like taking out of season trips, mostly because I don't like dragging summer clothes out in winter or vice versa. He doesn't care. That's why I'm not in Florida now. We're both happy.

3. I have taken two out of my new three-a week  aerobics classes now. I'm not enamored of them but I never thought I'd like them more than the Lightroom class I'm taking.  The teacher is in love with the sound of his own voice, and the 2.5 hr classes are going to seem interminable. He talked the Entire Time. I'm on a Mac. He said, "There's always ONE in the class. One." in that tone...I thought of many comments, mostly involving the F-word. I didn't say them because it is a Senior Center and we should be setting an example. One man fell asleep. If I could have, I would have.  I won't quit, because I do hope to learn something without going from website to website.

5.  It's either feast or famine as far as books on hold at the library go. Suddenly, I have 4 paper books and 2 digital books to read in three weeks.  I should really give up that aerobics class and read. Ok, probably not but it was a thought! A basic laziness thought. I'm reading these authors Yrsa Siguroardottir,  S. T. Underdahl, and James Patterson. I'd better keep reading.

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CameoRoze said...

I love the way you keep working and trying and hoping and believing ... even when things aren't going exactly has you wanted. I know the anxiety of watching someone spiral out of control. I feel for you. Sounds like time for a little mindful meditation ... enjoy your present moment. <3

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