Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Travel - Arrival in Amsterdam

Once we landed at Heathrow, we had a bit of time before our flight on to Amsterdam. I always like both airports despite the bad reputation Heathrow has had. Terminal 5 is modern and has lots of wonderful distractions when you have some time to kill. Like a Harrods shop...

Harrods and other shops - easy way to pass the time

It was quite a bus ride from Terminal 5 onto our departure terminal for an intercity flight. Perhaps one day that will be improved. But Schipol is always welcoming.

love that spark of red

Amsterdam was overcast and grey but still there is that spark of humor under the surface. Our Vantage host were ready to meet us and escort us to our waiting bus.

Ivana, one of our Vantage guides
I had been to Amsterdam many times, but he had not. I was approaching the city of Amsterdam from the harbor location which was a totally different side for me.

nooduitgang - emergency exit

We arrive at our boat.

Onto our river cruise boat and some free time. As soon as we deposited our luggage in our cabin, we headed out for a walk. There were many places that looked very modern and many that looked very very old but with the threat of an impending downpour, we didn't walk too much.

bicycle parking lot

nightfall is coming

I check my camera, er phone..
we have a laugh at this shop
We would be having a tour of the city the next day, so after about an hour getting our legs moving again, we headed back to the boat. Time for dinner and the first of many many meals on this trip!

stairs we would climb a LOT

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