Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Travel with Me Tuesday - Amsterdam Day

I changed the name of the Tuesday post to reflect what it really is, a post about my travel. It will also help me remember what happened when. Trust me I need that help! I used to have my other blog but it just didn't work out to blog while traveling. Other people manage but I never had a great net connection, so it's after the trip for me!

After a good night's sleep on the boat, we woke up to our greeting from Vantage.


After our breakfast, we assembled out on the sidewalk to sort ourselves out by color. We would do this a LOT, and we were the orange group. Each bus was colored coded and I never really saw anyone get lost.

lots of riverboats ready to sail

The weather was uncertain so we started off with the standard advice of layers, layers, layers. Our bus drove through the city of Amsterdam but as it was a Sunday, very little was open. I was sorry not to be able to go here...

The Beehive

I had last been in The Beehive department store in ...1972. I don't plan to be alive 40 years hence so I imagine my shopping there is now history.

the flash of a cyclist
We drove over many a canal but it became a bit of a mental blur to me after a bit. We were headed to the Rijksmuseum. Again, I had first been there in 1972, but had gone back several times over the years. On my first visit, Rembrandt's Night Watch had a place of honor but it wasn't what "I" wanted to see. My great love is the Vermeers.

After these gentlemen moved, I too stood and studied another of my favorites. We had a guide in the museum, but a lot of time was spent on paintings that really didn't interest me. I knew what I wanted to see and headed off on my own. Those layers of clothing were also making me feel as if I was in a hothouse. Finally we finished, and it was outside to wait for out bus.

intrepid travelers
The fresh air felt wonderful, and I only put all my layers back on so I didn't have to carry them! On to the bus which would take us to our canal boat.

still no real rain
The canal boat ride could have been very nice but with a boatload of breathing passengers, the windows immediately fogged up in the mild but drizzly weather. In any case, it was to be our last few hours in Amsterdam, and there would be no more time to explore anything here. Back to our river boat and a full lunch. It was one of the few days I was glad for a nap.

Finally we left Amsterdam, and started our cruise towards the Rhine. A chance to walk on the top deck and breath in the air ... Little did we know that our time on 'the top' would be hampered by the many many locks we were to go through.
Dutch fields
Goodbye Netherlands. The next day we would wake in Germany.

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