Sunday, December 9, 2012

Guess Where I'm Going!

I'm going to Venice with Mary Ann Moss! Yes, she's the one over at Dispatch From LA. SHE's going to Venice and taking some of her friends along. Well, kinda, sorta....

Mary Ann is a wonderful travel spirit and she has a new class called Ticket to Venice. I just bought my ticket so that's why there is that little image over there -----> See that image of the Venice Campanile? Yes, there!

This is how Venice looked back in December 2008 when we were there. The skies were dark, it rained like hell some days, but it was still magic. I think Venice would be magic, unless perhaps you go in July or August when Venice truly is in danger of sinking from the influx of tourists. I'm seriously looking forward to this trip to Venice especially as I'll be home and dry as I travel with Mary Ann! 

Come join us!

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