Sunday, December 30, 2012

Finally - Some Snow

I was out early yesterday, and as I was coming home a few bits of snow/sleet/teeny hail started to come down. In the < 2 mile drive, I saw it turn to rain, and then as I came closer to our house, it turned to big puffballs of snow. I quickly stopped the car, rolled down the window and took this shot. Yes, by the time I then drove another two blocks it had blown over. No more snow.

But then I went back out again. I felt as if I was driving through several climate zones as the stuff falling from the sky kept switching back and forth. By the time I was driving home a couple of hours later, real snow had fallen but my car had been warm enough that it all melted. The drive home was beautiful though. Clean roads since the temperature was still closer to the 40s but the sky and air was filled with snow.  There was no sign of this snow by the time I reached my own house, and later in the day every trace was gone and the sun was shining. That's just how it usually is in Maryland.  I'm glad I didn't sleep through it!

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