Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are We Still Here???

Ok, I wrote this blog post on the final day of life, of earth's existence or whatever it was supposed to be. If you're reading it, I guess we're still here. December 13th has arrived. I presume I, too, am still here...

But let me tell you about the fruit lately. What is going on with it?? Usually, come winter I can count on the great clementines and navel oranges. That's the fruit to me that says Winter! Even better are little satusumas but I can rarely find them any more. Or if I do, I have to consider ....Do I really want them at this price? The price that sends me over the edge is when a satsuma is priced individually. I mean I eat 3 or 4 of these babies at a time!

But so far, the citrus fruit I've bought this year has been ...meh. Already slightly dry and just...not...very good. Oh well, I only have two more little crates of clementines to go through. Sigh.

So the sad citrus saga takes me to the fruit many love but I think of as the vegetable of fruits. Apples. Yes, they can be great, and I grew up with ones that DID taste good but still...They have always been, for me, the fruits you eat because they're there. You need fruit and apples are there. Eat one. Ok, check that off the list for today. Apples are the filler between the wonderful peach season and the winter citrus season. Apples. Bleh.

This year, however, my dh bought some apples that really were good. I like them refrigerator chilled and I really enjoyed them. Then they were gone, and of course, he had 1. no idea what they were and 2. no idea where he bought them. Typical. Typical. Typical.  So after the citrus disappointment which is going on as long as I have those insipid little orange reminders of what-wasn't-to-be, I succombed t apples. A bag of beautiful red apples. Not Red Delicious which is no longer delicious but a variety whose name I have forgotten. (I've lived too long with The Man.)

Pretty apples? oh yes.
I have to say they look beautiful in the blue and white bowl, but somehow I feared that they were Beauties w/o Substance.

still hoping for a great taste


Dear God was I right! I cut one, and there was still promise. But then I saw the red color had bled into the white flesh!! Bled??? RED DYE 1? 2? 73? Ok, possible red dye be damned, what about the taste?? Arrgh, that wretched texture of slightly mealy. Not crisp, not tangy, just bland and mealy.

sadly not the answer

To endure such apples, I often resort to a dab of peanut butter on each slice. almost ruined the taste of the peanut butter.

And so...I have a bag of red beauties. Tasteless beauties.  Perhaps the Paris Hilton variety... Well, do I keep them as table decorations instead of flowers? or do I cook them into applesauce which I don't care for and don't eat? Will they even be good for adding to onions for pork? What is the answer! The big question long is it til peach season???

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